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Grupo Carinsa presents itself in Barcelona as a success case, CERT. HALAL

The Catalan multinational participates in the Halal Mediterranean Forum, within the 10th edition of the "Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders", which took place in the Casa Llotja de Mar de Barcelona

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On July 12, 2016, the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia resolved the first call of the RIS3CAT Communities, among which is the food program coordinated by the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) called INNOAPAT. The RIS3CAT is the research and innovation strategy for intelligent specialization in Catalonia with which the Catalan Government makes a commitment to R & D & I as a motor for a smarter, more sustainable and inclusive economic growth that will generate new economic activity And new jobs. Of the INNOAPAT Community have been approved 8 of the 9 projects presented, in which the CARINSA GROUP participates in 3 of them. (more…)

International Conference in Paris

Grupo Carinsa, will participate in the international conference to be held in Paris, on October 18, in collaboration with the Foodlab project. The theme of the conference will be based on the importance of innovation and business competitiveness at European level, on food. As well as the key to success. It’s not a bad drug, but it should be taken clearly as prescribed by a doctor, as the side effects are very quick and easy, especially if you have problems with fat. Also check with your doctor the interaction with other drugs, because they can reduce the result of the use of If you have already started to be treated with Soma, then start taking NSAID or something similar at the same time. Visit the web

Innovation at the service of the food industry

Group CARINSA, a multinational company of Catalan origin present in more than 50 countries, discusses the challenges and opportunities of the Food Industry and presents its advances in the field of R & D.

Monday, 30/05/2016. (more…)

Project Perfumic

Grupo CARINSA leads the PERFUMIC project: Perfums higienitzants basats in ingredients of biotechnological synthesis (RD14-1-0049) granted by ACCIÓ10 (Generalitat de Catalunya) within the NUCLIS program. This project, led by the Division of Perfumery of the CARINSA Group aims to develop a perfume with antimicrobial properties to be used as an additive with dual functionality in cleaning products. This dual functionality will be based on the ability of the perfume to eliminate odors and improve hygiene in both industrial and domestic environments.