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An eco-innovation project to incorporate sustainable cosmetics into textile products

Carinsa Group participates in the R & D FUN- @ctive project financed by the CIEN program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

The FUN-@active project is already underway, in which Grupo Carinsa participates together with other dozen companies and technology centers, and which has a CDTI subsidy of six million euros. FUN-@ctive aims to develop new sustainable and ecological products in the field of cosmetotextiles, that is, textile products with functional assets in the field of cosmetics and beauty.

FUN-@ctive wants to respond, in this way, to the growing consumer demand to acquire products that combine quality, technology, sustainability and personalization: "Our leitmotiv is the consumer, his satisfaction is our priority. The execution of the FUN-@ctive project will allow us to get closer to the users of cosmetotextiles, providing them with greater therapeutic, wellness and relaxation benefits, while using environmentally sustainable technologies and processes”,  explains the director of the Fragrance Division of Carinsa Group, Denia Martínez.

In general terms, the functionalities that FUN-@ctive seeks in the new products to be developed are hydration, reducing / anti-cellulite activity and antioxidant power. In the specific case of Carinsa Group, its most important participation focuses on microencapsulating the assets to fix them in the textiles and to be released through different technologies, such as changes in the pH of the user's skin, friction or heat release.

This R + D project has an expected duration of four years and its global budget exceeds 6.1 million euros.

Disruption and neuroscience in the food field to know the consumer better

Grupo Carinsa participates in the "CONOCE" project, funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), along with six other companies

Carinsa Group will participate in the CONOCE project, funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with nearly six million euros, to deepen consumer knowledge through disruptive technologies and neuroscience. The goal is to develop innovative products suited to their needs and improve their success rate when they enter the market after ensuring more efficient and sustainable innovation processes.

CONOCE is a milestone in the R + D + i of Spanish food companies as all the participating companies will focus on the consumer, which becomes the main axis in each of the stages of the development process of the food products: from the conceptualization of food solutions, through the development of the product to the point of sale.

The CEO of Carinsa Group, Vanesa Martínez, highlights: "For the first time, we are going to apply disruptive and neuroscience technologies from other areas, such as Medicine, to better understand the consumer. Thanks to CONOCE we will know what their needs are and how we can satisfy them. We are excited to be part of a project that will revolutionize the way a new product will reach the market ".

The project, which has a global budget of 5.7 million euros for the next 4 years, is part of the call of the Strategic Program of Consortiums of National Business Research (CIEN), which finances large industrial research and development projects experimental, oriented to the investigation in strategic areas of future and with international projection.

Under the coordination of Angulas Aguinaga, in addition to Grupo Carinsa, the companies Aves Nobles, Codorniú, Grupo Siro, Loop and Seidor will participate. Also the technological agents Eurecat, Ainia-Consumolab, IATA-CSIC, Itainnova and the Polytechnic University of Valencia will collaborate in the project. The proposal has been coordinated by the consultant Gestinver.

Carinsa Group gets a new patent with chewing gum that changes its taste

This is a new invention in the long list of patents and utility models (free-to-use) the company has registered


Carinsa Group has just obtained a new patent for the development of the "dual gum", a chewing gum that starts tasting one flavour and after a while this taste changes.  This invention has been possible after three years of research by the company's R & D team, whose professionals started working on this project when they detected the need to introduce disruptive products into the confectionery market.

The dual gum works sequentially, as explained the director of R & D in the Confectionery Division in Carinsa Group, Àngel Palomes: "We have combined liquid aromas with other microencapsulated with poorly soluble components, so that the saliva dissolves them slowly. Then is when the consumer perceives the change of flavor in the chewing gum. “The technology applied to this product is based on specific procedures from the pharmaceutical sector, which have been provided by a team from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona.

Carinsa Group is finishing the last adjustments to dual gum before starting to market it among its clients. "We have several companies interested in acquiring this product, so we are perfecting in order the consumer will have an authentic innovative experience", explains the CEO of Carinsa, Vanesa Martínez.

Beyond the change of flavor, the technology of dual chewing gum could also be applied in health sector. The company's R & D team is researching the incorporation of both probiotics and components that help prevent cavities. The possibility that dual chewing gum function as an indicator of rapidly detecting pathologies, such as fatty liver, is also being studied.