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European project FOODLAB

The CARINSA Group, through its Food Division, is part of a European project (EU FOODBUSINESS TRANSFER LABORATORY FOR STIMULATING ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS, FOR FOSTERING INNOVATION AND FOR BUSINESS CREATION IN THE FOOD SECTOR (FOODLAB)) which intends to develop a platform where Interact all stakeholders in the field of Food and Beverage, including students in grades related to the subject, through companies, associations, etc. This project is part of the Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance and involves more than 10 entities, both public and private, from countries such as France and Italy, among others. The aim of the project is to strengthen and structure a European network for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation in the area of food, while improving the flow of knowledge and cooperation between universities and industry. The scope of dissemination of this project is broad, taking into account the involvement of the national food federations, such as the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB) and the support of the European Technology Platform Food for Life. The main benefits for European society are: building lasting bridges between the academic world and stakeholders in the food sector, building entrepreneurial skills through self-guided learning, increasing student recruitment by SMEs, and Improving the transfer of innovation for companies in a sector seeking to improve competitiveness. This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication (communication) is the sole responsibility of its author. The commission is not responsible for the use that may be made of the information disseminated here.

Grupo Carinsa is part of the first beauty cluster in Catalonia

Carinsa has been integrated in the first beauty cluster created recently in Catalonia: Beauty Cluster Barcelona. The group joins the board of directors as treasurer, through the perfumery division.

Beauty Cluster Barcelona was constituted in the headquarters of ACC10, in Barcelona, with the presence of the Conseller d'Empresa i Ocupació of the Generalitat Felip Puig. For Denia Martinez, director of the Perfumery Division of Carinsa, it is a "satisfaction" to be part of the new beauty cluster, an industry that in Catalonia is formed by 350 companies that employ 18,000 people and together invoice more than 4200 million Of euros.

"It is a clear reflection of the work and collaboration that we have been developing with the entire value chain," said Denia Martinez. This is not the first experience of Grupo Carinsa, which leads the packaging cluster, being one of the few companies that develop two projects of these characteristics.