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CARINSA GROUP leads two disruptive projects on fragrances financed with 2 million euros from Retos Colaboración, a program of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

The two initiatives aim to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products based on disruptive technologies

Grupo Carinsa leads two outstanding R + D + i projects that have just received an important grant from the Retos Colaboración 2017, a program from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This program is aimed at Innovation projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations in order to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contribute to the creation of new products and services. In this sense, the two funded initiatives, MICROESENCI and FITOMATICS, present disruptive technologies applied to the field of fragrances with the aim of bringing sustainable products that respect the environment to the market.

The MICROESENCI project will be carried out together with the Eurecat technology center. The objective is to design cleaning products with high hygienic capacity to be applied in hospitals, senior centers and public transport, that is, places with large concentrations of people and in which a thorough sanitation is needed. MICROESENCI will incorporate new techniques of advanced microencapsulation in which the active principles of the cleaning product will be released when there is a contact with the surface where they have been applied. During the treatment with Accutane, some patients may experience symptoms of hypersensitivity or overdose. If these symptoms are moderate, the dosage should be reduced, and if they are severe, the treatment should be discontinued.

MICROESENCI, in addition, will put aside synthetic chemicals in favor of natural essential oils with antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. The polymers used in microencapsulation will also be biodegradable, thus complying with the environmental policies of the EU and US governments in this field.

Precisely, with this same goal of sustainability is conceived FITOMATICS, an ambitious biotechnology project together with the technology solutions center Leitat and the Center for Research in Agrigenomics (CRAG). FITOMATICS will study the microorganisms that live in the tissues of plants and their metabolic processes, trying to order cheap accutane mimic metabolic engineering processes of nature, thus allowing to obtain volatile organic compounds of interest in perfumery as well as antimicrobial, anti fungal among others. The purpose is for these compounds to be added to the company's product portfolio without the need to over-exploit natural resources and avoid costly synthetic laboratory procedures.

MICROESENCI and FITOMATICS have received funding of one million euros each and are expected to be carried out over a period of about four years.



Carinsa Group, Prize for TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION at the V Cepyme Awards 2018


Grupo Carinsa has emerged as the winner in the SME TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION category in the V edition of the Cepyme 2018 Awards, in recognition of its generation of value in the market throughout 2017 thanks to the innovation incorporated in its business activity.

More than 230 companies have applied for these awards, whose award ceremony was chaired by Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government. Vanesa and Denia Martínez, CEO and deputy director of the business group respectively, have emphasized that "innovation is part of our DNA and we do not understand our business without making a strong commitment in this area, in which each year we invest more than 20% of our benefits. That is why we are very excited about this recognition ".

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The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) and the Spanish Federation of Autonomous Workers (CEAT) annually convene the CEPYME AWARDS, which aim to promote social recognition of the figure of the entrepreneur and disseminate the performance of their work at the service of society, in the framework of a productive fabric composed mainly of SMEs and self-employed workers, who represent more than 99% of companies, almost two thirds of GDP, and hold 75% of employment.