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Tech Blends Division

Tech Blends Division

The meat industry is an industrial sector that ranges from the small charcutero artisan to the large industrialist with great production capacities. There are thousands of formulations for the elaboration of a great diversity of products at the same time that there are infinity of teachers applying their own specialties.

The manufacture of meat products occurs at two distinct levels:

– This is the typical small charcutero, heir of a craftsmanship of generations that elaborates his products with his best recipes and with great care.

– And the great industrialist with infrastructure and facilities able to produce their recipes or products to great production and with the best guarantees.

The two groups have in common the good intention of getting the consumer population to be faithful once it has tried its elaborated ones. Precisely for this reason, all need a series of additives, spices and aromas that always guarantee the same particular flavor that gives them their fame and credibility vis-à-vis the consumer.

This is where CARINSA is born, with its aromatic and flavoring specialties. This company grows and positions itself in the market at such a high level that the need arises to create an unbeatable technical team to give service and advice to the entire meat industry by creating a great and innovative new company: PAYMSA which is prepared to provide solutions Futuristic or traditional to any kind of elaborate.