The Carinsa Group launches Carin4mask©, the range of flavorings for masks that transforms their use into a wellness experience

A disruptive solution that surprises the consumer by providing new sensations through aroma.

The Carinsa Group is once again developing a revolutionary solution to respond to the new consumer needs following with the invention of dual chewing gum, the company get again demonstrates its innovative nature and its great ability to bring value to the market.

In this occasion, Carinsa's innovation team presents Carin4mask©, an interesting range of flavorings in spray format that are applied inside the masks and represent a radical improvement in the user experience. A single spray 10cm away from the mask provides new sensations that improve the consumer's well-being.

The Carin4mask© range gives the mask a surprising sensation of hygiene and freshness that is instantly appreciated but also lasts for a minimum of 2 hours. The flavorings developed by the Carinsa Group do not alter the breathability and filterability properties of the masks according to the UNE 0064-1: 2020 standard, in the tests carried out at Applus Laboratories on surgical masks.

Carin4mask© includes a wide range of references with very pleasant food grade aromas such as apple and strawberry fruit trees, some more aromatic such as peppermint, others warmer such as vanilla-caramel and even more surprising that are being incorporated into the range such as the aroma of mojito that guarantee a unique olfactory experience in the market. I started to take Ambien when I had the strongest stress at work. So, thanks to lorazepam I did not go crazy, it helped me at first. Then, of course, I took up serious psychological work, which eventually helped me get out of depression, more at Then, I could not sleep at night. It was such that even the pressure dropped to a fainting state. I want to share my experience of taking . I suffered from insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, and irritability. There were nights when I couldn’t sleep at all. Thankfully, my doctor complemented my treatment with Ambien. Now I can fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. This is a great feeling to have a restful sleep. No side effects or negative reactions the next day.

In addition, the Carinsa Group also offers the possibility of making tailor-made flavorings, to measure, adjusting to the needs and preferences of the consumer.

Aromas developed for the Carin4mask© range: Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Peppermint, Mojito, Banana, Cherry, Vanilla-caramel, Mint, Coffee, Milk, Chocolate, Dulce de leche, cocoa cream and a long etcetera.

Carin4mask© will hit the market this last quarter of 2020 to improve consumer well-being, following the Carinsa Group's mission of innovation for a better world.

An eco-innovation project to incorporate sustainable cosmetics into textile products

Carinsa Group participates in the R & D FUN- @ctive project financed by the CIEN program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

The FUN-@active project is already underway, in which Grupo Carinsa participates together with other dozen companies and technology centers, and which has a CDTI subsidy of six million euros. FUN-@ctive aims to develop new sustainable and ecological products in the field of cosmetotextiles, that is, textile products with functional assets in the field of cosmetics and beauty.

FUN-@ctive wants to respond, in this way, to the growing consumer demand to acquire products that combine quality, technology, sustainability and personalization: "Our leitmotiv is the consumer, his satisfaction is our priority. The execution of the FUN-@ctive project will allow us to get closer to the users of cosmetotextiles, providing them with greater therapeutic, wellness and relaxation benefits, while using environmentally sustainable technologies and processes”,  explains the director of the Fragrance Division of Carinsa Group, Denia Martínez.

In general terms, the functionalities that FUN-@ctive seeks in the new products to be developed are hydration, reducing / anti-cellulite activity and antioxidant power. In the specific case of Carinsa Group, its most important participation focuses on microencapsulating the assets to fix them in the textiles and to be released through different technologies, such as changes in the pH of the user's skin, friction or heat release. I take Klonopin 2 times a day. A sense of calm and relaxation while observing the regime. With an overdose, there is a feeling of intoxication, the feeling of pain is dulled. After about 3-5 hours, there is a feeling of drowsiness.

This R + D project has an expected duration of four years and its global budget exceeds 6.1 million euros.

Disruption and neuroscience in the food field to know the consumer better

Grupo Carinsa participates in the "CONOCE" project, funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), along with six other companies

Carinsa Group will participate in the CONOCE project, funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with nearly six million euros, to deepen consumer knowledge through disruptive technologies and neuroscience. The goal is to develop innovative products suited to their needs and improve their success rate when they enter the market after ensuring more efficient and sustainable innovation processes.

CONOCE is a milestone in the R + D + i of Spanish food companies as all the participating companies will focus on the consumer, which becomes the main axis in each of the stages of the development process of the food products: from the conceptualization of food solutions, through the development of the product to the point of sale.

The CEO of Carinsa Group, Vanesa Martínez, highlights: "For the first time, we are going to apply disruptive and neuroscience technologies from other areas, such as Medicine, to better understand the consumer. Thanks to CONOCE we will know what their needs are and how we can satisfy them. We are excited to be part of a project that will revolutionize the way a new product will reach the market ".

The project, which has a global budget of 5.7 million euros for the next 4 years, is part of the call of the Strategic Program of Consortiums of National Business Research (CIEN), which finances large industrial research and development projects experimental, oriented to the investigation in strategic areas of future and with international projection. How much overuse is there? The cosmos and the human body. After taking it for two months. Last year Doctor Jore Egoyan, then Commissioner of Food and Drugs, charged that millions of Americans were taking like Valium just to deal with the stresses of everyday life.
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Under the coordination of Angulas Aguinaga, in addition to Grupo Carinsa, the companies Aves Nobles, Codorniú, Grupo Siro, Loop and Seidor will participate. Also the technological agents Eurecat, Ainia-Consumolab, IATA-CSIC, Itainnova and the Polytechnic University of Valencia will collaborate in the project. The proposal has been coordinated by the consultant Gestinver.

Carinsa Group gets a new patent with chewing gum that changes its taste

This is a new invention in the long list of patents and utility models (free-to-use) the company has registered


Carinsa Group has just obtained a new patent for the development of the "dual gum", a chewing gum that starts tasting one flavour and after a while this taste changes.  This invention has been possible after three years of research by the company's R & D team, whose professionals started working on this project when they detected the need to introduce disruptive products into the confectionery market.

The dual gum works sequentially, as explained the director of R & D in the Confectionery Division in Carinsa Group, Àngel Palomes: "We have combined liquid aromas with other microencapsulated with poorly soluble components, so that the saliva dissolves them slowly. Then is when the consumer perceives the change of flavor in the chewing gum. “The technology applied to this product is based on specific procedures from the pharmaceutical sector, which have been provided by a team from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona.

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Carinsa Group is finishing the last adjustments to dual gum before starting to market it among its clients. "We have several companies interested in acquiring this product, so we are perfecting in order the consumer will have an authentic innovative experience", explains the CEO of Carinsa, Vanesa Martínez.

Beyond the change of flavor, the technology of dual chewing gum could also be applied in health sector. The company's R & D team is researching the incorporation of both probiotics and components that help prevent cavities. The possibility that dual chewing gum function as an indicator of rapidly detecting pathologies, such as fatty liver, is also being studied.


CARINSA GROUP leads two disruptive projects on fragrances financed with 2 million euros from Retos Colaboración, a program of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

The two initiatives aim to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products based on disruptive technologies

Grupo Carinsa leads two outstanding R + D + i projects that have just received an important grant from the Retos Colaboración 2017, a program from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This program is aimed at Innovation projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations in order to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contribute to the creation of new products and services. In this sense, the two funded initiatives, MICROESENCI and FITOMATICS, present disruptive technologies applied to the field of fragrances with the aim of bringing sustainable products that respect the environment to the market.

The MICROESENCI project will be carried out together with the Eurecat technology center. The objective is to design cleaning products with high hygienic capacity to be applied in hospitals, senior centers and public transport, that is, places with large concentrations of people and in which a thorough sanitation is needed. MICROESENCI will incorporate new techniques of advanced microencapsulation in which the active principles of the cleaning product will be released when there is a contact with the surface where they have been applied. During the treatment with Accutane, some patients may experience symptoms of hypersensitivity or overdose. If these symptoms are moderate, the dosage should be reduced, and if they are severe, the treatment should be discontinued.

MICROESENCI, in addition, will put aside synthetic chemicals in favor of natural essential oils with antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. The polymers used in microencapsulation will also be biodegradable, thus complying with the environmental policies of the EU and US governments in this field.

Precisely, with this same goal of sustainability is conceived FITOMATICS, an ambitious biotechnology project together with the technology solutions center Leitat and the Center for Research in Agrigenomics (CRAG). FITOMATICS will study the microorganisms that live in the tissues of plants and their metabolic processes, trying to order cheap accutane mimic metabolic engineering processes of nature, thus allowing to obtain volatile organic compounds of interest in perfumery as well as antimicrobial, anti fungal among others. The purpose is for these compounds to be added to the company's product portfolio without the need to over-exploit natural resources and avoid costly synthetic laboratory procedures.

MICROESENCI and FITOMATICS have received funding of one million euros each and are expected to be carried out over a period of about four years.



Carinsa Group, Prize for TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION at the V Cepyme Awards 2018


Grupo Carinsa has emerged as the winner in the SME TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION category in the V edition of the Cepyme 2018 Awards, in recognition of its generation of value in the market throughout 2017 thanks to the innovation incorporated in its business activity.

More than 230 companies have applied for these awards, whose award ceremony was chaired by Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government. Vanesa and Denia Martínez, CEO and deputy director of the business group respectively, have emphasized that "innovation is part of our DNA and we do not understand our business without making a strong commitment in this area, in which each year we invest more than 20% of our benefits. That is why we are very excited about this recognition ".

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The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) and the Spanish Federation of Autonomous Workers (CEAT) annually convene the CEPYME AWARDS, which aim to promote social recognition of the figure of the entrepreneur and disseminate the performance of their work at the service of society, in the framework of a productive fabric composed mainly of SMEs and self-employed workers, who represent more than 99% of companies, almost two thirds of GDP, and hold 75% of employment.


Our successful participation in Alimentaria 2018

Ecotrophelia Competition, Aliber and  the Halal Market boost are the main initiatives where Carinsa, leader in innovation and internalization, participated.

19/04/2018. Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona),

Alimentaria, the leading International Food, Beverages and Food Service Show in Spain, has ended after four intense days of activity that have brought together about 4000 exhibitors and 140000 visitors from different countries at the Gran Via exhibition center - Barcelona. With its closure, the participation of Grupo Carinsa, which has been present very actively, is also ended.

Carinsa's activity in Alimentaria started last 13th April with the Ecotrophelia Spain 2018 awards. The company's CEO, Vanesa Martínez, was part of the jury who chose the most innovative food of all those proposed by different university students. The awards were presented at Aliber 2018, the most important event in Alimentaria about food innovation. If you've been taking the diflucan pill more than once and you're still experiencing pain and discomfort you might actually have bacterial vaginosis the symptoms are very similar and sometimes yeast infection medicine can cause this. You will need a different prescription to clear this up.

Also in Aliber, Vanesa Martínez offered the conference “Innovation as key element in business internationalization: success stories in the Arab market” and presented the Reformulation Collaborative project to improve the nutritional profile of certain foods, reducing the amounts of fats, sugars and salt. In this same event, the Technical Director of the Meat Division, Javier Mansoa, gave a lecture about the European FoodLab project and how its results helped the company to develop a new product. Mansoa also participated in the round table “VIRTUAL incubator to promote the innovation and the entrepreneurship for food chain”.

The last event in which Carinsa was present was the conference "Initiatives to normalize and promote the Halal Market", organized by the Halal Institute. The Carinsa Sales Manager, David Ventura, took part of the round table "The Conquest of the Halal Market", since Carinsa has had Halal Certification for years.

After these frenetic days, Grupo Carinsa makes a very positive assessment of Alimentaria 2018, where innovation and internationalization have once again been the pillar that have driven the company’s participation in this fair.

Grupo Carinsa participates in the 48 Annual Meeting of the Spanish Committee of Detergency (CED)

The vice president of Grupo Carinsa, Denia Martinez, was in charge of presenting and giving the Micela 2018 Awards. The Technical Director of Fragances, Cristóbal Bernal, gave an interesting lecture about the Microrep project.

Denia Martínez and Cristóbal Bernal participating in CED Annual Meeting

Friday, 9th March, 2018.

For the tenth consecutive year, Grupo Carinsa has participated very actively in the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Committee for Detergency (CED), which this 2018 have reached its 48th edition.

The vice president and deputy director of the company, Denia Martinez, presented and gave the Micela 2018 Awards to Novozymes and Doctor F. Xavier Carrión. During the introduction to these awards, Denia Martinez focused on the importance of celebrating this meeting for the chemical industry and the detergency sector, and explained that, year after year, it is a challenge for Grupo Carinsa to try to overcome and take to this meeting the most recent projects in Innovation.

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In this sense, the project presented this year by Carinsa was MICROREP, consisting on the smart release of mosquito repellent through a new generation of microcapsules. The Technical Director of the Fragrances Division, Cristóbal Bernal, presented this innovative initiative that aroused great interest among attendees.

The Annual Meeting of the CED gathers every year the most outstanding specialists and companies in the detergency sector. Carinsa is one of its main collaborating companies.

Grupo Carinsa is part of the CRE100DO project, a business transformation program for the growth of companies that benefits the country by spreading high-impact business concepts and practices.

The CIEN TOLERA project, in which Grupo Carinsa investigates egg protein allergy, is already in progress

Many companies and entities participate in this project.

The goal is the industrial research of food allergies and intolerances.

Representatives from the different companies and entities participating in the TOLERA project.

Tuesday, 13th March, 2018.


The TOLERA project, funded by the Strategic Program of National Research Consortiums (CIEN), is now underway after this week all participating companies and institutions have met to make the official presentation and kick off. TOLERA's main objective is to generate knowledge and technologies, as well as to develop solutions applicable to the food industry for the population with food allergies and intolerances. All this, through more effective and safe ingredients and food.

In this context, PAYMSA, a company from Grupo Carinsa specialized in technological solutions and functional ingredients for human food and animal feeding, has as its mission to investigate food allergies related to egg protein. For this, studies will be carried out in animal models with the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum Lp3547, patented by Grupo Carinsa. These in vivo tests will serve to evaluate the ability of this probiotic to limit and / or improve the immune response of people with food allergies when they are exposed to the allergen.

As well, PAYMSA has set itself the goal of developing foods in which food allergens are eliminated, especially eggs. In this way, a product suitable for consumption without risk to health and that complies with the organoleptic expectations of the consumer and food safety will be available to the population.

Grupo Carinsa achieves, in this way, with the socio-economic TOLERA’s objective: on the one hand, having a beneficial impact on the quality of life of people with food allergies and intolerances. And, on the other, reducing the economic cost of the health sector related to episodes of allergies buy generic and quality klonopin online pharmacy and anaphylactic reactions involving primary hospitalization.

The rest of the TOLERA participants are Ordesa (leader), Eurecat, F. Iniciativas, Angulas Aguinaga, Betelgeux Christeyns Food Hygiene, Biopolis, Fuselva and Grupo Gullón.

Grupo Carinsa is part of the CRE100DO project, a business transformation program for the growth of companies that benefits the country by spreading high-impact business concepts and practices.

Grupo Carinsa participates in the Vocational Training Fair organized by the City Council of Sabadell

Different employees of the company have explained their profiles to the young people who have attended the Fair with the aim of knowing the offer of Vocational Training that exists in Sabadell and the Vallès Occidental region.

A representation of the collaborators of Carinsa in the fair

Monday, 5th March, 2018. Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona),

Grupo Carinsa has participated one more year in the Vocational Training Fair organized by the City Council of Sabadell. This Fair aims to guide young people in vocational training and put them in contact with centers and schools where this type of education is taught, and with companies in the city and surroundings where they could find a professional career.

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A representation of Carinsa's employees was present to publicize the activity of the company and show attendees some of the professional profiles most in demand in the organization and whose training is based on the Vocational Training.

Grupo Carinsa has participated in all editions of this fair, demonstrating that it is a company involved with its environment and its economic, business and social fabric.


Grupo Carinsa is part of the CRE100DO project, a business transformation program for the growth of companies that benefits the country by spreading high-impact business concepts and practices.