Project Activities


ECO-SOFT has received funding from
the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme
under grant agreement
No 783681

The aim of this activity is to set up a new manufacturing facility to develop CARINCAP microencapsulation technology at industrial scale. This task includes:

  • • Setting up the manufacturing facility
  • • Scaling up the microencapsulation process at 100 L and 400 L scale.
  • •Characterization of 100 L and 400 L batches and optimization of the manufacturing procedure.
  • • Formulation and incorporation of microencapsulated fragrances in model softeners formulations.
  • • Determination of the physicochemical properties of clothes incorporating fragrance microcapsules.

The certification of CARINCAP technology is an essential step in order to guarantee our customers standards compliance en route to the commercialization of the technology. This task includes:


  • • Dermatological study of the microcapsules skin effect.
  • • Compliance of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is required by fabric softeners manufacturers in order to obtain ECOLABEL or CLEANRIGHT, which are the most important ecological certifications in the fabric softener market. The EPD includes a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and a carbon/ecological/water footprint of the technology developed.

This task includes the evaluation, characterization and optimization of CARINCAP technology in softener formulations in customer’s facilities.

  • CARINCAP technology has attracted the interest of EU softener manufacturers. The breakthrough technology developed will address the key EU fabric softeners in order to validate the technology developed in a real environment.

The aim of this activity is to disseminate project activities and results through the project stakeholders. The project will guarantee the appropriate ways to motivate the different stakeholders and push them to undertake specific actions. The most relevant examples of communication methods will be promotion through the media (project website, technical magazines, European Technology platforms, technical websites and blogs), exhibitions, distribution of catalogues and brochures, commercial events with distributors and conferences & trade fairs.

In parallel, it will be defined a commercialisation strategy in order to adjust the business model to the new product developed in the project. The new marketing, R&D, production and distribution strategies will be developed to achieve the implementation of the market segment expected. A business plan will be completed in order to reflect the operational strategy developed and maximize the CARINCAP technology implementation in the market.