On July 12, 2016, the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia resolved the first call of the RIS3CAT Communities, among which is the food program coordinated by the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) called INNOAPAT. The RIS3CAT is the research and innovation strategy for intelligent specialization in Catalonia with which the Catalan Government makes a commitment to R & D & I as a motor for a smarter, more sustainable and inclusive economic growth that will generate new economic activity And new jobs. Of the INNOAPAT Community have been approved 8 of the 9 projects presented, in which the CARINSA GROUP participates in 3 of them. (more…)

PID Projects (Research and Development Projects)

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) has approved two new R & D projects led by the Perfumery Division of the CARINSA GROUP. On the one hand, the project FLYFRAG: Development of new products with repellent activity against the vectors Aedes Sp and Anopheles Sp (IDI-20150920) that aims to investigate and develop new repellents from essential oils with activity against vectors of the Malaria (Anopheles sp) and dengue (Aedes sp). This project is carried out in collaboration with CRESA-IRTA. I often suffer from headaches and I don’t really want to prolong these minutes, so I looked for such pills to remove all this as quickly as possible. In terms of action and speed, I liked it, removes all these pain sensations quite quickly and for a long time, read more at https://www.tonysbodyshop.com/tramashop/. At the cost of Tramadol I was completely satisfied, not a cheap tool, but not the most expensive of those that I used on myself. On the other hand, the project ACTIVEODOUR: Development of new materials for aromatherapy in vehicle interior (IDI-20151280) and aims to develop a new composite material to manufacture components for the interior of vehicles that has the function of smelling the environment of Prolonged way and generate pleasant sensations that reduce the stress, anxiety and exhaustion of the occupants. In this project, together with CARINSA, the car equipment company FAURECIA participates. These projects have been funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Projects Cien (Strategic program of business research consortia)

The Strategic Business Research Consortium Program (CIEN) finances large industrial research and experimental development projects, developed in effective collaboration by business groups and aimed at conducting a planned research in strategic areas of the future and with potential international projection. In the second call for 2015 of this program, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) awarded the CARINSA GROUP four projects, two of which it leads. (more…)

Challenges Collaboration 2014

The CARINSA Group, as part of its commitment to Research and Innovation, participates in two new research projects within the 2014 Challenges-Collaboration Program of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation aimed at the Challenges of Society, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016. (more…)

The CARINSA Group will participate in the fair Alimentaria DJZAGRO 2016 (ALGERIA)

The CARINSA Group will actively participate this year with a stand at the most important food fair in Algeria, DJAZAGRO (18-21 April). In the same will be announced the new products developed in the field of flavoring snacks and nuts, and new concepts of encapsulation directed mainly to the confectionery sector. In addition to all the existing range in the sector of Beverage, Meat Industry, Milk Industry and Pastry mainly. The CARINSA Group has been present in the Algerian market since 2000, when it created Eurl Carinsa Algerie, a wholly owned subsidiary of CARINSA. Throughout these years it has achieved a leadership position in some of the sectors in which it operates and its distribution network extends throughout the Algerian geography. After hard long hard party nights when its difficult to fall asleep xanax does the job. Doctors dont give it so easily as a prescription because "too addictive". Wish to have some xanax, helps 9 times better for anything you need it for compared to other https://diamonds.com/online-xanax/ antidepressants. So I want to order it here Other drugs not so well as it doesnt "calm" heart rate down. CARINSA's future projects in the Algerian market include the possibility of investing in manufacturing facilities that can supply not only the Algerian market but also neighboring countries with preferential trade agreements with Algeria. At DJAZAGRO we can visit from 18 to 21 April at the "Palais des Expositions SAFEX", Hall 3 stand 3E054