Projects Cien (Strategic program of business research consortia)

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The Strategic Business Research Consortium Program (CIEN) finances large industrial research and experimental development projects, developed in effective collaboration by business groups and aimed at conducting a planned research in strategic areas of the future and with potential international projection.

In the second call for 2015 of this program, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) awarded the CARINSA GROUP four projects, two of which it leads.


  • SATISFOOD: Development and validation of satiating foods through the integration of pre and post ingestive signals (IDI 20150579). This project, led by CARINSA, has the general objective of designing, obtaining and validating satiating foods through various strategies that integrate pre and posting signs. For the development of satiating foods, the different strategies proposed in the project are the incorporation of fibers with high viscosity, incorporation of fibers that delay the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids in the intestine, increase in protein content, limitation of Intestinal absorption of nutrients using polyphenols as inhibitors of the action of digestive enzymes and modification of the intestinal microbiota by the effect of polyphenols, probiotics or fibers. This project is carried out in collaboration with different companies and public and private research centers.


  • PROGRESS: Proteins of the future: Innovative solutions for protein processing and its application in new food products adapted to population groups with specific needs (IDI 20150594). This project, led by PAYMSA, aims to create new high-quality, safe, healthy and nutritious protein products, both for human and animal food, that are positioned in the European market and that contribute to satisfy the needs of consumers, Providing attractive food products meeting all regulatory requirements. This project is carried out in collaboration with different companies and public and private research centers. I was prescribed Ambien by a neurologist to relieve tension and as a sedative drug (there were problems at work, and, as a consequence, constant nervous excitement, sleep disturbance). Well, I can say that the drug is quite ambiguous. I really felt better after two weeks of the course, the sleep was normalized, and the irritability was decreased. I think that it can be taken for mild forms of nervous disorders.


  • METASÍN: Research, development and innovation in new multifunctional foods for metabolic syndrome (IDI 20150578). This project in which CARINSA participates together with different companies and public and private research centers, aims to research and develop active ingredients, food and multifunctional food supplements very close to the market, capable of influencing the pathologies and risk factors associated with Metabolic syndrome in order to integrally improve the quality of life of this population sector, thus generating business opportunities for food companies.


  • NATURDEV: Development of a competitive strategy to improve the sustainability of the agro-food chain and the efficient use of natural resources (IDI 20150593) in which CARINSA participates with different companies and public and private research centers. Its objective is to establish in the agro-food industry systems of on-line control of the processes of transformation that avoid rejections of lots of process during its elaboration and establish processes of management of those unavoidable byproducts, establishing a bioeconomy based on the use of them.


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