Grupo Carinsa reaffirms itself as the most innovative SME in Barcelona

By Carinsa — In News — 15 November, 2016

The Catalan multinational has been recognized as the best SME in the regions of Barcelona, during the first edition of the Premises Pime Catalana, organized by La Vanguardia and Banco Popular.


The CARINSA Group has been recognized once again for its continuous and growing innovative work since it was founded in 1993, as well as other merits of equal importance such as the clear commitment to internationalization, which already place it in 50 countries, And differentiation through quality and personalized attention. And the frame for such recognition were the Premis Pime Catalana, which for the first time were organized by La Vanguardia and Banco Popular and whose gala took place during the afternoon of last Monday, November 14 at the Casa Llotja de Mar de Barcelona. In summer, I once had a combing infection on the face. Over a short period of time, small pimples turned into large internal bumps with pustules. Every day they became larger and larger, they were painful. I took Accutane. It helped very quickly. I used it for a short time. Just a few applications helped to get rid of the bumps, the face was clean. I was even a little surprised by this result. Read more about it at The event, which was chaired by Mr. Màrius Carol, director of La Vanguardia and Mr. Ángel Ros, director of Banco Popular, was attended by Ms. Vanesa Martínez, President and CEO of Grupo CARINSA and Denia Martínez, Vice President and Deputy director general of Grupo CARINSA, who collected the award and thanked the existence of initiatives of this nature, “as necessary in a globalized and competitive context as the current one.” The Catalan institution, which was also awarded the same day last Thursday, October 20 by the cluster AINS (Innovative Entrepreneurial Business Association Nutrició i Salut) in the category “Innovative Project / Product in Nutrition and Health”, within the second edition of The PASIÓN Awards, reaffirms with this new award its leadership as a reference in the Food Industry.

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