The Mosquito Repellent Clothes Softener

By Carinsa — In News — 27 February, 2017

In the course of 2016, the project “DEVELOPMENT OF NEW PRODUCTS WITH REPELLENT ACTIVITY AGAINST AEDES sp AND ANOPHELES sp” (IDI-20150920) co-financed by the Technological Center for the Industrial Development (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Pluri-Regional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth.

The main objective of CREACIONES AROMÁTICAS INDUSTRIALES SA in this project is to develop a product with repellent action incorporating natural fragrances, which on the one hand, through its synergic action allows to reduce the amount of insecticide at the same time that confers better olfactory characteristics and, On the other, to be effective in combating Aedes and Anopheles mosquito species.

Subsequently, the company proposes the incorporation of the fragrance obtained in a fabric softener or detergent, so that the incorporation of the fragrance with repellent action to this matrix supposes a totally innovative mixture that brings great benefits to the health of the population affected by the species Mosquitoes described above.

The development of a online accutane new solution based on natural essential oils, which can be applied in textile softener type products represents an absolute novelty for the sector, since there is no solution on the market with repellent action that can be applied in this type of products .

To achieve this objective, during this milestone we proceeded to (i) analyze and review the state of the art as well as carry out technological surveillance on repellents and natural fragrances with repellent action, (ii) design repellent solutions based on insecticide and natural fragrances, (Iii) carry out in vivo studies of the repellent capacity of the solutions created and (iv) experimentally develop the most suitable support for the application of the new repellent.

The project has been implemented in collaboration with the Research Group IRTA-CreSA, a reference center for research on insects.

During the execution order klonopin 2 mg to home of the first milestone, several formulations have been developed with mixtures of essential oils with repellent activity that have been validated by in vivo studies against mosquitoes of different species:


  • Formulations organoleptically accepted have been developed from natural oils very active against the common mosquito.
  • As for the tiger mosquito, it is necessary to include in the formulations a component like DEET, although it has managed to reduce the concentration of application of the same.
  • Controlled release systems have been developed, through encapsulation of the fragrances, which allow to obtain a pleasant initial smell and prolong the functionality of the fragrance over time.


The project is in the period of execution of Milestone 2 in which the fragrances will be reformulated in order to eliminate the DEET, but keeping the repellent power. Active fragrances will also be subjected to stability and functionality studies in the final product (fabric softener), by physical-chemical tests and in vivo tests with mosquitoes.

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